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WARNING. T.D.&C. Pty Ltd is not associated with TD&C Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers, also (WARNING) known as TD&C Engineers Pty Ltd and TDC Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers located in Hawthorn.

Douglas Turnbull’s and Robert Turnbull’s company is TD&C Pty Ltd and is located in KEW.
Any information and materials relating to our history, business activities, and staff of T.D.&C. Pty Ltd copied or from this blog and used on the website is without authorisation from T.D.&C. Pty Ltd.  Furthermore, the mobile number and email listed on these web pages   and have no association with our company T.D.&C. Pty Ltd. (Please note we were formerly at 27-31 Gibdon Street, BURNLEY VIC 3121 and are now located in KEW).
T.D.&C. Pty Ltd does not endorse, and is not responsible for, the work and conduct of TD&C Engineers Pty Ltd. 
T.D.&C. Pty Ltd is taking steps to enforce its intellectual property rights against Thai Nguyen, the director of TD&C Engineers Pty Ltd, a former employee of T.D.&C. Pty Ltd. 
Unfortunately, at this time, T.D.&C. Pty Ltd is not in control of its email and other addresses at and its access to these email accounts may be disrupted.  So, all emails to T.D.&C. Pty Ltd should be directed to
. Our telephone number is 9421 0377.

T D & C Pty Ltd has two main areas of activity:  consulting engineering and construction managment.